Solar Power Paint

New “Solar Paint” Produces Clean Energy On Auto-Pilot

A team of researchers at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have developed a solar paint that can absorb water vapor and split it to get generate Hydrogen, the cleanest source of energy on earth.

While this is unconventional use of solar power, the outcome proves to be much cleaner energy and a fraction of the footprint involved with solar power.

Now that Tesla has developed roofing tiles or “solar roof shingles” that double as solar panels, the find by RMIT redefines energy consumption on a global scale considering all that’s needed to make power is a roof and walls, something most people on the planet are already surrounded with.

Now that’s POWERFUL!

Curious about energy of the future? Here’s a treat…

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How Much Money Can I Save With A Solar System?

That’s a VERY popular question these days. How much a solar generator will save you and when will it start saving you money?

The specific data points based on an average 20-year savings from going solar are as follows for the most productive states in America:

• California: $34,260
• New York: $31,166
• Florida: $33,284
• Texas: $20,960
• Hawaii: $64,769

How much should you expect to save from going solar? Consult the chart below for actual numbers produced back in 2011 when solar systems cost nearly double what they cost today…


Any way you slice it, going solar is no longer an alternative, it’s the most cost effective way to power your home or office!

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What Can I Run Using A Solar Generator?

Solar generators are essentially similar to gas powered generators in that they convert 12 volt direct current (DC) into 110 volt or 220 volt alternative current (AC).

With AC power from a 3,000 peak solar generator that runs off at least 2, fully charged 100AH batteries, you can expect the following:

Average Size Fridge 6 cubic feet – 12 hours
40 inch TV – 3 nights @ 3.5 hours a night
50 watts of lights – 3.5 nights @ 5 hours each night
Laptop (90 watts) – 3 days @ 3 hours each day

* Run times are based on batteries being run to 70% discharge.

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How Does A Solar Generator Work?

Although solar generators are not rocket science, building a solar powered system requires both experience in the electrical field as well as knowledge of the solar industry.

The basic principle of solar generators involves between 4 and 5 components:

• Solar Panel
• Solar Charge Controller (optional)
• Battery
• Power Inverter
• Container or Housing

The solar panel(s) is used to produce electricity from the sun. The electricity from the solar panel(s) is then reduced into manageable current used to charge the battery (or batteries). Lastly, the electricity from the battery is converted into either 110 or 220 volts, depending on the requirement.