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Solar Systems

Solar energy uses the sun’s light to generate electricity. The electricity comes from solar panels which are made of photovoltaic cells. Each cell is made of semiconductor material such as silicon, phosphorous and boron that create conductivity within the cell and activate electrons that move across the cell when exposed to light, creating electricity. The electricity is then stored in batteries, and lastly, the electricity from the batteries is converted into power to be used by devices, appliances, tools, etc.
The average home can be powered using a 10kW solar system that costs approximately $25,000 which includes the cost for all components (solar panels, panel mounts, charge controller, batteries and power inverter) as well as labor associated with the installation of the solar energy system. In the US, there is a 30% tax credit to be considered as well as in some states, credits received through net metering (power put back into the grid).
Of course, this depends on the amount of power you consume. By looking at your electric bill, or calling your utility company, you can find out the number of watt/hours you consume. Then, do the math using the formula below: 500 KW/H per month requires at least a 2 KW solar system. If you are able to surpass the amount of energy you use, then it's feasible you will not have to pay an electric bill again - ever!
Solar panels require very little maintenance unless of course your home is located near a dirt road or other dusty location, or in areas where snow is an issue. It's important to place solar panels in a location where they will be clear of shade and debris.
Yes. You’ll likely to obtain building permits to install a solar system and remember that building and electrical codes also apply. In most cases, your solar installation company will roll the price for permits into their fee.


Solar Generators

While all our solar generators are equal in quality, each one features a different design and/or operational features. Before you place your order, we invite you to contact us to find out which system will best meet or surpass your needs. When it comes to off grid power, more is better...
Similar to gas generators, our solar generators are portable units that do not require any state, county or city approvals for use. Our solar generators are self-contained, turn-key systems that are ready to operate right out of the box.
Check with your federal, state, local government or utility provider to see if off grid solar generators qualify for tax credit or other incentives.
Since solar panels are very fragile and solar batteries considerably heavy, depending on your location and delivery services available, your solar generator will be delivered within 14-21 working days.
This depends mainly on use and climate. Our solar panels are guaranteed 25 years; Although batteries only have a 12 month warranty, they can be expected to last up to 10 years depending on use and climate, as batteries perform optimally in 60F-80F range.
Because we strive for maximum customer satisfaction, we do accept returns. However, all customers who opt to return their solar generators or related part are responsible for return shipping and will incur a 20% restocking fee.