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What Can I Run Using A Solar Generator?

Solar generators are essentially similar to gas powered generators in that they convert 12 volt direct current (DC) into 110 volt or 220 volt alternative current (AC).

With AC power from a 3,000 peak solar generator that runs off at least 2, fully charged 100AH batteries, you can expect the following:

Average Size Fridge 6 cubic feet – 12 hours
40 inch TV – 3 nights @ 3.5 hours a night
50 watts of lights – 3.5 nights @ 5 hours each night
Laptop (90 watts) – 3 days @ 3 hours each day

* Run times are based on batteries being run to 70% discharge.

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  1. We’re in the heart of hurricane country in Texas. Been looking for an alternative to generators for quite a while. These solar generators look like the smart way to go.

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